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Unified BCDR – 5 Pillars to Ransomware Defense

Tuesday, 21 September, 2021 | 11AM EDT / 4PM BST

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Ransomware attacks soared to new heights in 2021. With new attack vectors opened by the shift to telework, a new organization falls victim every 11 seconds. Threat actors are emboldened by runs of successful attacks.

Backup remains your best defense against ransomware; but today, backups are under attack too. To overcome ransomware, you need a complete, hardened platform that offers resilience and 100% confidence in recovery.

You need Unified BCDR.

Join this webcast as we break down five (5) key pillars of Unified BCDR which when combined offer you the best protection against ransomware attacks and enable 100% proof and confidence in the recovery to come.

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