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Your 2022 Guide to Incident Response Planning and Ransomware Preparedness

Thursday, January 20, 2022 | 11:00 AM EST / 4 PM GMT

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2021 stacked up as one of the most costly and dangerous years on record with regards to ransomware attacks. Security provider SonicWall reported nearly 500 million attacks through September, 2021, with a staggering 1,748 attempted attacks per organization. That represents an increase of 148% year over year. Over the last 6 months at Unitrends, we’ve seen a 20x increase in the number of organizations utilizing our disaster recovery service due to a ransomware attack compared to the prior 18 months. In response to these rampant threats, Unitrends is more focused on securing your backup infrastructure and helping organizations recover than ever before. As we kick off 2022, join the Unitrends team for an in-depth look at incident response planning and ransomware preparedness. You will learn…

- How to optimize your incident response plan in the face of rising cyber threats
- The necessary steps to protect the integrity of your digital assets related to a security incident
- How Unitrends Unified BCDR has hardened our platform and injected automation and artificial intelligence to mitigate threats and improve time-to-recovery

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